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Ned's Corner Part 2

Ned's Corner has an ambitious program of predator-proof enclosures for the release of some regionally threatened or extinct small mammals- Mitchell's Hopping Mouse, Fat-tailed Dunnart and Gile's Planigale.

With funding from the Yulgilbar Foundation (Myer Family) an enclosure of 2000ha is being prepared for these little people.

For more information check Trust for Nature's website

Gile's is a carnivorous marsupial also known as the Paucident Planigale(Planigale gilesi).

It needs deep cracking clays- and vegetation.

Photo- Australian Wildlife Conservancy website, photographer not given.

Mitchell's (Notomys mitchellii) is in the genus Notomys(rodents) and has large back legs like a kangaroo-rat.

It needs mallee scrub with triodia grasses on sand.

Photo- Bush Heritage Australia website,photographer Steve Parish

Fat-tailed Dunnart (Sminthopsis crassicaudata) is a mouse-like marsupial which needs grassy tussocks.

Photo - Zoos Victoria website, photographer not given.

All are threatened by habitat loss and predation by foxes and cats.

Removal of stock, both sheep and cattle, and ongoing rabbit control has allowed the vegetation to recover and vigorous

replanting projects are replacing those species that were browsed right out in the past.

To provide a safe environment for these tiny Aussies, a 2m high electric fence is being built to include many different vegetation and soil types.

This is a serious fence, fellow Field Nats - double height netting with bottom skirt front and back and hot wires! Photo A Hughes

Chris and Colleen admire the excellent results of a previous revegetation project in the big enclosure-wattles, native pines, sennas, bluebushes. Photo A Hughes.

Part 3 coming soon

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