The Mallee has come to Carapooee West

This morning 7.25am at the bird feeder (for the magpies and white-winged choughs- and the crested pigeons and the magpie-larks!), a sole Pied Butcherbird, denizen of the Mallee.

I believe he or she has been around for a couple of days , observing.

It's not only humans who observe other species and their behaviour.

Having worked out the routine, the bird followed me to the next feeder, then the next but was a little overwhelmed by the numbers of other birds including belligerent and raucous cockies.

After 3 days of gale-force southerly winds, this bird is unlikly to have hitched a ride that way.

The last sighting of a Pied Butcherbird, 7 or 8 years ago, in the area was after several days of strong northerlies.

Will this bird stay? Will it be joined by others fleeing the no-food situation further north?

What will our resident Grey Butcherbirds think about this?

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