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Round the Traps 2024

Some sightings here at Carapooee West over December 2023 and the start of the New Year


Old palm trees have their use- female Mistletoebird collecting the fluff from stem for her nest- several visits but I only managed one photo.

The male was escorting her and dangling off the end of the fronds, scolding me for being too close.

Clear winged fly of some sort on cactus flower Dec 2023- any entomologists about?

And on our main dam- we have always had Australasian (Little) Grebes on the dams but the only place they seem to breed is up on the wetland. However, this year, because the dam has been full to overflowing for months- here we are, just the one baby though, making heavy weather of the wake from its parents.


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