Ned's Corner 3-Inhabitants

June 11, 2018

Meet some of the inhabitants at Ned's.

We carried out some bird surveys as we were going around and put 27 or 28 species on the list- the most exciting being both Butcherbirds- Grey and Pied, a Whistling Kite pair with a nest right opposite the pumphouse and a flock of Black-faced Woodswallows at the pine sandridge.

These were the only birds I captured on camera- the plants were easier.

On the inlet, late afternoon- Crimson Rosella- yellow form



On the big inlet- Black Swans


Pterostylis biseta -Mallee Rustyhood, close relative to our Lowly Greenhood. Rosettes just emerging.


Early morning on the river- Darter drying off.


Early morning on the river- Pelican looking for breakfast.


Taken at the Inland Botanic Gardens, these are NOT gazanias! (Sturt Desert pea)


Early morning on the river again- 4 Wood Ducks


Just over the side fence for the shearers' quarters- stickybeaking Emu


Favoured food of many creatures furry and feathered- Enchylaena tomentosa, upright form- Ruby Saltbush


Under the Hill's Hoist- Mallee Ringnecks feeding on weed seeds.



Low groundocevr plant- Zygophyllum sp (Twinleaf)


In the garden- the best use for 2km of barbed wire- rolled up by the Green Army girls and endorsed by Chris and Russell!




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