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Moths again

After many weeks with very little moth activity at night, the last bit of rain (5mm here) has caused a rash of interesting creatures coming to the kitchen window- lacewings, green and brown, moths ranging in size from 4mm up to the whopping Ghost Moth (Trictena sp) at 95mm and click beetles of different sorts. Although these moths were photographed during the day, they are night-flying and come readily to a light source.

Many of our moths and other insects have no common names and there are many species still to be discovered and described.

I photographed the Toothed Anthelid Moth- Anthela denticulata on the windowsill at home- the beautiful antennae indicate that this is a male

Another stunner is Thalaina clara-Blotched Satin Moth- with its silky white wings and orange and black lattice pattern. Its underwings are also silky white with two large blotches of black and orange,hence the name.

Another moth wearing the white,orange and black livery is Utetheisa pulchelloides, a Noctuid Moth with no common name that I could find.

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