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Ned's Corner 3-Inhabitants

Meet some of the inhabitants at Ned's. We carried out some bird surveys as we were going around and put 27 or 28 species on the list- the most exciting being both Butcherbirds- Grey and Pied, a Whistling Kite pair with a nest right opposite the pumphouse and a flock of Black-faced Woodswallows at the pine sandridge. These were the only birds I captured on camera- the plants were easier. On the inlet, late afternoon- Crimson Rosella- yellow form

On the big inlet- Black Swans

Pterostylis biseta -Mallee Rustyhood, close relative to our Lowly Greenhood. Rosettes just emerging.

Early morning on the river- Darter drying off.

Early morning on the river- Pelican looking for breakfast.

Taken at the Inland Botanic Gardens, these are NOT gazanias! (Sturt Desert pea)

Early morning on the river again- 4 Wood Ducks

Just over the side fence for the shearers' quarters- stickybeaking Emu

Favoured food of many creatures furry and feathered- Enchylaena tomentosa, upright form- Ruby Saltbush

Under the Hill's Hoist- Mallee Ringnecks feeding on weed seeds.

Low groundocevr plant- Zygophyllum sp (Twinleaf)

In the garden- the best use for 2km of barbed wire- rolled up by the Green Army girls and endorsed by Chris and Russell!

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