It's not all gloom and doom

April 13, 2019

It's not all gloom and doom out there in the bush- Spreading Wattle is starting to bloom and this little orchid is up and flowering in choice locations in the Kara Kara National Park.


It is helpful to be about 50mm tall when looking for this little Autumn beauty as the tallest plant I found was only about 70mm high and very hard to locate from a standing position. 


A close relative- the coastal Corunastylis ciliata or Fringed Midge-orchid is also on the Range in the Stuart Mill NCR but is very attractive to browsers and I could not find any which had escaped the wallaby's attention this year.



Dark Midge-orchid   Corunastylis sp. aff. rufa     taken 7.4.2019

Fringed Midge-orchid with pollinating insect- the yellow pollinia stuck to its head gives it away.


The labellum or tongue is fringed while in sp.aff.rufait is plain. This photo was taken in April 2014.




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It's not all gloom and doom

April 13, 2019

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