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preserved for future generations




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Black Kite
Half Bell Rock
full moon Wattsville - Coonooer Bridge Windfarm 24.1.2016, A Hughes
Bell Rock 14.9
Walkers lake  view 19.12.2016  A Hughes
View Point looking over St Arnaud, A Hughes
Tiny landscape-soft millotia- Millotia tenuifolia; Small Wrinklewort-Siloxerus multiflorus; Scented
Bell Rock 14.9.2018_edited
Swamp- Emu-Dalyenong area, with Milkmaids- Burchardia umbellata ,12.11.10 , A Hughes
Rosy Baeckea Centre Rd_Little Church Rd , Carapooee West, A Hughes
Sunrise on old Yellow Box Carapooee West, 13.3.16, A Hughes
regeneration Wax Garden 10.12.2016  A Hughes
Mt Bolangum 21.5.2017 view to S, A Hughes
sheep may safely graze Carapooee West, June 2016  A Hughes
Marsupial Lawn- the farmers' complaint! Carapooee West just before May's rains 2016, A Hughes
Lake Grassy- looking towards the lunette,18.10.2016 full A Hughes
Lake Batyo Catyo after the floods, 7.3.11, A Hughes
Heathy Dry Woodland-with Bulokes, Dalyenong NCR, April A Hughes
Gowar NCR- Hard HIlls, 2005, A Hughes
Chock and Log fence , Centre Rd Kara Kara NP- boundary of Ramsbottom and Strathfillan stations- hist
Coming over the Barkly Gap, A Hughes
bunjil, waa and moon
Barking  Owl with permission A Mc Cutche
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